25. 01. 2014
DickSmith Featur

Dick Smith’s advanced professional makeup course I

I finally decided to become a professional makeup artist. As I have a fulltime job I needed something I could do at the same time. Years ago I fell in love with a...

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13. 11. 2011

Headcast – Tutorial

This is my first tutorial of hopefully many. Today I want to show you how a headcast is made. But before I start I want to tell you what this is meant to...

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07. 11. 2011

News – MemorieZ

I’m one of the makeup artists of the movie MemorieZ… so excided

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04. 11. 2011

Welcome to “Beauty-in-the-Beast”

Welcome to Beauty in the Beast make-up creations This is a webside for everyone who is interested in make-up espacially in special effects make-up. I wanted to create a home for all who...

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