Halloween with Crank on tour

On November 10, 2014 by admin

Crank im Hostel

My latest adventure was brought to me by the lovely people of MGA [Link], in cooperation with “Crank on tour” [Link].

That was the reason why me, two dancers and a MGA manager travelled to Prague on the 30.10.2014 to allocate our talent to the people of Crank.
Journey, hotel, fare & companion was awesome (thanks MGA)
On 31.10 we went to the event location to see where we’ll be working.
The building was very impressive especially from the outside and had plenty of suprises inside. It’s an old wastewater treatment plant activated in 1906 and is a cultural relict since 1991.

When I first saw the pictures of the location I thought there are two buildings, but there wasn’t it’s all inside on gigant building. The most impressive thing for me were the catacombs, which find their way under the building and had such a scary atmosphere, you’ll never archive in a haunted-house-maze…

Dripping water, cold, dirt, humidity, darkness and all these smells such a old building has, you don’t want to spend any time on your own, it’s really nightmarish.

I thing enough gushed now, location = awesome

Time to see what I’ve been talking about:

Kläranlage Prag

Inside Location



Große Halle


Outside Location

Location Inside


After a short meet & greet and survey we were ready to start.
That meant one make-up after another for me, doing monsters from 19.00 till 3.00 o’clock in the morning. Call me Dr. Frankenstein :-)
I not only made the actors “pretty” but also the vip’s from elf to zombie I did everything.
Sadly I didn’t have the chance to do pictures of my works, but others did at least some.





At Work




More party pictures you can finde here: [Link]

That was my little trip to Prague now on to other amazing projects…
But first have something nice :-)



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