Zombie Pin-Up Photoshooting

On February 14, 2014 by admin

My last photoshooting, had Zombie Pin-up as a topic.
I did it to paticipate in a contest I just loved the theme.

It took me some time and practice to do the hair, but I loved it that much I wear it now on a regular base.
Make-up took me several hours and it was the first time I air-brushed myself, it was hard but still fun time. Pictures were taken by my boyfriend, he had some crazy ideas I may show you later… outtakes.
The next day I edited the pictures and submitted them to the contest.
Well sadly I didn’t win, but nevertheless the winner deserved it (really good make-up).

But wtf the results are lovely and it was fun experience, have a look and comments are welcome.

Zombie Pin-up III

Zombie Pin-up II

Zombie Pin-up

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