Welcome to “Beauty-in-the-Beast”

On November 4, 2011 by admin

Welcome to Beauty in the Beast make-up creations

This is a webside for everyone who is interested in make-up espacially in special effects make-up.

I wanted to create a home for all who want to be part of this freaking awesome world.

Before you’ll get to know more about my ideas let me introduce myselfe:

My name is Sandra I’m 24 years old, I allways loved being creative no matter what tool was available. I started painting faces ten years ago and I still think it’s a perfect canvac. One thing lead to another and so I experimented with several materials and challenged myself to improve my make-up creations. As I love horror must of my make-ups are out of this genre. And I’m totally self taught that means I never went to a make-up school or any kind of class.

As I don’t want to write to much, I just tell you to look at the about me section if you want to know more.

Now more about the page you are looking at. What are you going to find here soon:

- all kind of Tutorial (video and picture+text)

- pictures of my work

- fx make-up

- sculptures

- information about the materials I use

- sometimes beauty make-up

- all kind of fun stuff that is worth sharing it with the word

So that’s enough for now but there is soon more to come. Please be patient with me I try my best to built this homepage as fast as I can!

Last but not least feel free to ask questions I you have any :-)


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